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Smart Islands creating 'new opportunities' for Scilly

Scilly's Council has set out some of the opportunities that can come out of the Smart Islands programme.

In her recent project update, Senior Manager for Strategic Development Nicola Stinson said the programme's inclusion in the Government’s Industrial Strategy is creating interest from both industry and innovators, resulting in "new commercial opportunities".

She wrote: "For example Wavetricity want to build a device over the next year in Cornwall that can be deployed off the Isles of Scilly that can take over the treatment of waste at sea, with zero harmful emissions to power it and zero overboard discharges of waste.

"They can use the excess energy to either produce fresh water to ship back to the islands from the barge and/or send power back for use on the local grid. This would come at zero cost to the Council as they have bid for ERDF funding and have already secured a private sector match funding. There would be no ongoing financial liability for the Council.

"This is just one example of the exciting opportunities that are arising from Smart Islands. Another is Water Smart Scilly. Water Smart Scilly is currently seeking European funding and is a project led by South West Water. In summary it seeks to increase resilience and self-water management with enhanced rain water harvesting as well as testing new technologies to create energy efficient water production."

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