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Recycling drop-ins had good response

The Council's Waste & Recycling team has said it had "a really good response" to last week's drop-in sessions at the Wesleyan Chapel.

Officer Rebecca Williams said there had been "lots of positive comments" about the upcoming introduction of dry mixed recycling across St Mary's.

"People have been coming in with really specific issues they’ve had, so it’s given them the opportunity to come to us and ask questions," she said.

Waste & recycling operative Mark Fairest said: "I think generally like with anything new, people are very upbeat at the moment. There will be some snags and there will be gnashing of teeth and then in a couple of months' time it’ll be muscle memory. It's like the change to having to use black bags from just putting things straight in the bin. It took some people a while, but it always does."

He added: "The best thing to do it you’re not sure whether to recycle something is to put it in your black bag. You will slowly get that it's second nature. This is the Isles of Scilly, there won't be any slapped wrists or fining people for getting it wrong."

Information about recycling is available in the leaflets that were recently sent out to all residents. Anyone with questions can contact the Council's Infrastructure department on 01720 424450 or via

Things that can be recycled:

1) Good quality plastic (clean)

2) Metals

3) Paper

And some that can't be recycled, e.g. crisp packets, Tetra Pak, plastic cake trays...


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