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Council Chairman sorry for ongoing finance issues

The Chairman of the islands' Council has once again apologised for the ongoing issues following the transfer of the Authority's finance and IT functions to Cornwall Council.

Cllr Robert Francis told the audience at last week's public meeting on St Mary's that he had experienced difficulty himself recently.

He said: "An apology to you with regard to our finance and IT changeover this year. There are still issues, I had one today with my mother’s affairs and we had some raised on the off-islands.

"What I will l say is that obviously with a new system now being run from Cornwall there’s bound to be some teething problems. However, we’re not happy as Members with how that has panned out and that we still have problems.

"Rest assured we are trying to get it ironed out so people who are trying to deal with letters that are threatening them with court and all sorts of things... that we actually get these matters sorted out and when the letters go out next year the things like standing orders, which were the main bugbear this year, actually get explained properly.

"I think the big issue over those was people thought they would just be carried on and they weren’t but we weren’t told that. That has caused a lot of problems for people and I’m sorry if you have experienced that or you know friends and family who might have been in that situation."

The Council previously issued an apology over issues with paying Council Tax in June.


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