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Council to vote on £4m Capital Programme

The Council of the Isles of Scilly is to vote on its proposed £4 million programme of capital spending for the next financial year.

The one-year plan for schemes that are either in progress or start in 2018-19 will be discussed by Members at the meeting of Full Council tomorrow (Thursday November 8th).

The total programme has a cost of £3.95 million, with £2.25 million forecast in 2018/19.

Some £3.12 million of the total amount will be financed by grants or external contributions.

The projects in the 2018/19 Capital Programme are:

Garrison Play Park - £20,000

IFCA Replacement Vessel - £106,723

Waste Management Vehicles - £50,000

Bryher Water Operations Utility Vehicle - £15,000

Hot Fire Behavioural Unit - £10,000

St Mary's Fire Station Staff Accommodation - £25,000

Airport Asset Replacement Plan - £288,000

Refurbishment of Old Town Bio-Bubble - £120,000

Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management - £200,000

Waste Transfer Station - £140,000

Porthcressa Flats - £20,000

Housing Improvements/Energy Efficiency - £200,000

Early Years Provision at Carn Gwaval inc. Craftikids Nursery - £470,197 Education Basic Needs - £44,661

School Condition Grant - £424,235

There are also two schemes relating to the Smart Islands project, which are part of another report. These will be added to the Capital Programme if the Smart Islands recommendations are approved.

GOEV Electric Vehicle Car Share Project - £1,422,058 Business Energy Efficiency Scheme - £390,595

The programme will be funded as follows: Grant/ External Contributions - £3,120,996 Capital Receipts - £18,000 Revenue - £23,000 Reserves - £213,723 Borrowing - £570,750 Total Funding - £3,946,469

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