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Visitors coming to Scilly 'but spending less money'

The Islands' Partnership has said Scilly has had a "mixed year" when it comes to tourism.

IP Executive Director David Jackson told Radio Scilly that people visited the islands, but did not put their hands in their pockets as much as expected.

He said: "It’s been a mixed year for a number of reasons. It was a slow start to the season with an early and very wet easter and April as well. Nationally the figures were 20% down in April so it wasn’t just peculiar to Scilly.

"Then of course we had the amazing summer, the hottest summer in England on record. Obviously Cornwall was very, very busy and we had a lot of day-trippers as well.

"And there's been a good end to the season, September’s been strong for a lot of people and it’s been good to see that coming through into October with a lot of birdwatchers over and Walk Scilly being very popular."

However, David added: "But then I know the spend hasn’t quite been keeping up with the volume. It’s not down exactly but not quite as high as people would have liked. I think that’s a reflection of the pound in the pocket and consumer confidence and we can see that nationally in terms of retail, restaurants, issues on the high street etc. That sort of consumer behaviour is something we’re always keeping an eye on because it makes a difference over here.

"So I think a good year volume wise; value wise it’s been not necessarily vintage but not as high as we might as we liked."


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