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Four tonnes of debris removed from Scilly beaches

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and volunteers have removed just under 4 tonnes of marine debris from the islands' beaches since January.

Nikki Banfield from the Wildlife Trust said that visitors to Scilly have noticed that beaches are cleaner than they have been for years.

She told Radio Scilly: "What we get washed up on our shorelines is about 20% of what they estimate is in our oceans so there’s another 80% out there we’re not actually seeing. Which is why when you clean the beach, like we did with Samson back in September, then had a storm not long after, people went there and thought 'oh, there’s quite a lot of rubbish on the beach again'. And that’s because it’s just constantly in the sea, so we just need to be constantly removing it.

"We've also had some good feedback from visitors to Scilly this year who have been coming for a number of years saying that our beaches, although there is rubbish on them, are the cleanest they have seen them for a very long time and they can only put that down to the work of the Trust and other partners and individuals who are out cleaning beaches and removing rubbish from them on a daily basis."

Nikki also revealed that five species of seabirds across all the islands have declined by more than 20% in the last nine years.


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