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Pet cat goes missing after move to Scilly

A family's pet cat went missing just two days after they moved to the Isles of Scilly.


Steve and Louise Smethurst arrived on St Mary's from Twickenham a week ago with their 8-year-old son Arthur, Louise's mum and their cat Zola.

However, Zola set off to explore on their second day and hasn't been seen since.

Louise said: "We took Zola in as a foster cat in January this year after his owner died. He hid under a bed for several weeks before starting to trust us. He's a really loving cat so we decided to keep him.

"He hated being kept indoors once we'd moved here, even headbutting his way through a locked cat flap on his first night! So we let him out as he was so desperate, but now we haven't seen him since Tuesday morning. I'm wondering if he's crept into a quiet empty house through an open window."

The family live at Demelza, 9 Jackson's Hill.

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