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Co-op had 'more than enough' space for milk

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group has said that the lack of fresh milk in the islands' supermarket is "beyond its control".

A sign in the Co-op informed customers that the situation is due to limited space on the Scillonian while the Gry Maritha is out of service.

The shop was reported to have decided to prioritise meat and veg in its two pallets of chilled produce allocated per trip while the freight vessel is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

However, the ISSG has now said that the Co-op has had "more than sufficient space" for milk.

An ISSG spokesperson said: "The Steamship Group has been in regular communications with the Co-op providing notice and information on shipping their goods across and had more than sufficient space on the Scillonian to carry additional perishables such as milk."

According to the ISSG's freight team, the Co-op chose not to bring its 'allowance' to Penzance Quay for all of the sailings so far and did not take up the offer of a further two chilled pallet spaces on Saturday, despite having 21 hours notice.

The Co-op was also advised that as long as it helped ensure that the chill chain remained unbroken, the ISSG could look to fly over essential chilled/perishable goods - an offer they again decided not to utliise.

The store has been given space in the Steamship Group's freezer on the quay to allow it to stock up on frozen goods.

The Gry Maritha is scheduled to resume operation on Monday October 29th.


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