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Scilly's MP 'disappointed' in Prime Minister

The Isles of Scilly's MP has said he is disappointed in Theresa May following publication of the draft Brexit agreement.

Derek Thomas, Conservative MP for the St Ives constituency, told Radio Scilly that the resignation of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab will have sent "a shockwave to every MP on both sides".

He said: "I was reluctant to comment on the draft deal until we had the details... but then when you get Dominic Raab resigning, who is a very serious, sincere politician who had been at the centre of negotiations and clearly feels that what the Prime Minister has got agreement on with the Cabinet yesterday is not as good as it could have been, otherwise he would have supported it.

"It's really disappointing that the Prime Minister has somehow managed to pull something together that her immediate Cabinet member for Brexit can't support. I just think that's ridiculous."

He added: "I think the trust in the Prime Minister is really going to be guided by who resigns in the next few weeks or days."

On whether he expects there to be more resignations, he said: "Dominic Raab was one of the ones I least expected so I think it's inevitable."

He previously said he thinks Theresa May is receiving poor advice from Downing Street, adding: "We have long said that the Canadian-style free trade deal would work for Britain and Northern Ireland."

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