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Scilly's MP: 'Brexit noise distracting from local issues'

The Isles of Scilly's MP Derek Thomas has said he believes the "noise around Brexit" is distracting from important domestic issues.

Derek Thomas, Conservative MP for the St Ives constituency, said issues that mattered before the referendum are just as important now.

He said: "I represent an area that actually has struggled to get its voice heard in Westminster. One of the things I committed myself to is making sure the issue that matter in West Cornwall and on Scilly are heard in Parliament and I’ve used whatever tool is available... We’ve had a number of Ministerial visits and lots of debates and lots of questions. And if it matters in West Country and Scilly, it’s going to matter elsewhere.

"The problem I’ve got is that with all the noise from backbench MPs on both sides - and let’s not forget most of them voted to trigger Article 50 and for the Withdrawal Act, so most people have so far supported Brexit - is distracting us from getting on with the domestic agenda, which is still as important today as it was two years ago before we voted for Brexit.

"So whether it's integrating health and social care, housing, making sure we have the right connectivity, whether broadband, mobile, roads, rail, seagoing freight and passenger transportation - all those things matter."

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