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Police warn of Lloyds telephone scam

Police on the Isles of Scilly have warned that a bank telephone scam is once more doing the rounds on the islands.

A resident on St Mary's received a call yesterday from a Scottish male claiming to be from the Lloyds Bank Security Centre.

He advised the resident that a fraudulent transaction has taken place on his account and £1,400 has been taken out at a watch shop in Bristol.

The islander was then told that the money has been credited back into his account by Lloyds but for security reasons he should now go and withdraw all of the cash in his account from the bank and not tell the staff at the branch why.

He would then receive a further phone call advising him what to do with the cash.

Police said that the Scottish male gave a genuine bank telephone number for his contact details. They added: "Please be aware this is a scam and no bank would ever ask you to do this."

Another resident received a similar call in November 2017, when she was told by a Scottish man that a fraudulent transaction had occurred on her Barclays account. She was given the same instructions and though she was not convinced, she did comment that the man sounded very plausible.

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