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Walk Scilly alters schedule due to weather forecast

Various changes are being made to Walk Scilly's Long Weekend due to the weather forecast.

The fifth annual Autumn event starts tomorrow (Thursday, October 11th), with more than 20 guided walks scheduled across five days.

However, strong winds and heavy rain are expected on Friday and Saturday, with the Scillonian cancelled on both days.

The forecast means that the Islands' Partnership has had to juggle events in order to avoid the worst of the weather.

Carolyn Garman told This is Scilly: "Tomorrow I think we're okay. On Friday we have already moved some of the walks or cancelled them. Those people who have booked on to the foraging walk and Hell Bay tasters have been moved - if they've wanted to - to the foraging walk that's taking place tomorrow on St Mary's. Those who don't want to move obviously get a full refund.

"The St Martin's Flower farm Walk & Talk has been cancelled. We're waiting to see what happens with the Old Town flower walk and creative workshop, as some of it is indoors. The trip to Nornour and the Eastern Isles is cancelled and we are moving people who want to be moved to the wildlife boat trip on Sunday, which does look to be a glorious day thankfully.

"We'll make a call about Saturday's walks tomorrow. The wind seems to be moving around on Saturday. Every time I look at the forecast, I think the winds look like they're easing off earlier in the day."

The IP will decide whether to go ahead with the Captivating Dark Skies walk on St Martin's on Saturday night by 2pm on Friday afternoon. Carolyn explained that there are 23 people booked on the walk, including a couple of journalists.

She said: "Because the winds look like they may die down by lunchtime on Saturday we're hoping that the sea state will have improved sufficiently enough by 6.30pm to get people over to St Martin's. Of course it's quite tricky if there's a big swell and it's dark, so we obviously need to see how that pans out."

She added that Walk Scilly participants have been very understanding about the changes, saying: "Annie at the Tourist Information Centre rang around every person booked on a walk and says they've all been fantastic. Quite a few have swapped over, some have unfortunately not been able to swap so they've had a refund. But what can you do about the weather? Fortunately Sunday and Monday are looking fantastic."

Carolyn will update Will on the latest plans for Walk Scilly on Radio Scilly's morning show tomorrow.


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