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Jodrell Bank astronomer 'met wife on Samson'

The Jodrell Bank astronomer who spoke at Saturday's COSMOS fundraiser has described how he met his wife on Samson.

Professor Ian Morison was the special guest at the gala dinner to raise money for the new Community Observatory on St Martin's.

He told This is Scilly that he feels a strong connection with the islands stretching back many years.

He said: "Very luckily my uncle married one of the ladies from St Mary's and acquired a flower farm that they looked after for many years. My cousin has now taken that over so my wife and I have been able to come over most years."

Professor Morison explained that he and cousin Robin Mawer entered the Carnival in 1953, the year Everest was first climbed.

"I first came here the year that our Queen was crowned when I was 10. My cousin and I were Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary on a bit of a mountain they built in the back of the farm truck. We won the prize, which was nice.

"About 17 tears later, having come quite often, I sailed my cousin's boat along with his wife's two younger brothers across to Samson, the little beach between the two peaks. As we pulled the boat up on to the sand, two girls came around the headland, which was a bit of surprise. We had a little chat and some years later one of them became my wife, which was very nice.”


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