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Enterprising dogs raise money for charity

Two dogs on St Martins have managed to raise more than £350 for Cornwall Air Ambulance.

In the last two months, local Hugo the Vizsla and visitor Dexter the Bulldog have raised £336 through donations in exchange for a stroke or fun photo opportunity.

"The last two collection tubs for this season are already half full, so we hope to break the £400 barrier for Cornwall Air Ambulance in 2018," said Hugo's owner Toby Tobin-Dougan.

"I meant to do this last year as Hugo made so many friends over the gate, adored by many, so it was a natural way to raise money for the Air Ambulance. They flew me out 12 years ago and I've always been grateful and inevitably all of us who live here have to rely on this service, like the RNLI. Next year I am determined to break the £1,000 threshold as this wasn't started until late July 2018."

Hugo is the subject of Toby's third book, which he is currently writing.

He recently told This is Scilly: "It is his journey from Manchester and his spiritual journey, discoveries and observations of Scilly. It is quite abstract, descriptive and surreal."

Toby, who co-wrote The Island Ingredient, recently published a book about the lives of his three generations of Hungarian Vizslas on Scilly.

Jazz, Collibadaw Acorn is available at outlets on Scilly. Contact Toby at to purchase a copy.


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