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Council 'trying to resolve Nike situation'

The Chairman of the islands' Council has said that officers are trying to find a solution after it was announced that Nike Engineering is to close.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group is proposing to shut the facility, which is acquired in 2011, after a recent review found it to be "unsustainable".

Speaking at yesterday's (October 2nd) Full Council meeting, Cllr Robert Francis said: "Obviously the Council is very disappointed with the news that Nike Engineering is to close and it’s very important for the islands to have an engineering capacity. I just really wanted to advise you that the officers are in discussions with key stakeholders and trying to find a long-term viable solution.

"Obviously it’s not technically a Council problem at the moment. However, it’s very important that we have this engineering facility and if we cannot get stakeholders to pick it up and run it again then we may have to step in for the sake of the community and deal with it.

"But I just wanted you to rest assured that we are watching this situation and trying to resolve it."

Cllr Steve Sims reiterated Cllr Francis's comments, saying: "It’s obviously a personal issue for me because I have a big vehicle and it’s very difficult to get big vehicles sorted out here, but there are a lot of big vehicles over here and if we lose that engineering facility my view is that it’s a nail in the lid of the coffin. It’s very, very important that we have that facility on the islands."


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