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Concerns raised about Councillor attendance

Councillors have expressed concern about attendance levels among some of their colleagues.

At Tuesday's (October 2nd) Full Council meeting, Cllr Avril Mumford explained that the Scrutiny Committee, which she chairs, sometimes lacks the minimum number of members required to conduct business.

She said: "If there is any member of the Scrutiny Committee that would like to step down and let someone else come on who can actually find the time to attend, I think that’s something we could think about.

"I realise everyone has commitments but we do need to have more people to attend Scrutiny so we can function better in the future. Perhaps Members would like to think about this before the Full Council meeting in November."

Chair of Council Robert Francis backed Cllr Mumford's remarks, saying: "I would also like to comment from the chair that I sat in on that particular meeting and I agree with everything that Cllr Mumford has said. We need to have a properly functioning Scrutiny Committee and sadly the numbers were very short. We only had one or two Councillors putting questions on the day and we really need a more robust situation with our scrutiny. I hope that we can work together to get this sorted in the very near future."

After agreeing with the previous comments, Cllr Steve Sims expressed disappointment at the turnout to a recent meeting with Councillors from the mainland.

"When the leader and deputy leader of Cornwall Council came over, very few members turned up to meet them and I thought that was quite disappointing and quite a poor show," he said.

"Congratulations to the off-island councillors who did make it over, that was really good. Even though some of them got there a little bit late due to boating, the effort was made."

He added: "I think the Council now has an issue with some Members with attendance. I won’t say anything further than that."

According to the Council's website, the Member attendance figures at official committee meetings (Full Council, Scrutiny and Licensing) are as follows:

Figures since the start of the current Council -


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