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Police to start wearing body-worn cameras

Isles of Scilly Police are to start wearing body-worn video cameras from tomorrow (Tuesday September 25th).

Devon and Cornwall Police are rolling out the new technology to all frontline officers.

PC Lisa Woolley told This is Scilly: "We will have a camera on our uniforms recording our interactions with the public. It's across the whole force but it's been brought in here first. A lot of other forces use it now too."

She said the purpose of the video capability is to "protect police and the public". "If we're dealing with a disorder for instance, it's all captured on camera. We . don't have to wear it all the time. We choose when we switch it on and off and we have to inform the person that we are recording them. I can't see it being used that much here, but you never know."

Devon and Cornwall Police said: "The motivation for the implementation of these cameras has always been evidential. They will provide an unbiased record of what an officer has experienced. The cameras will be used to record the majority of incidents and encounters, making the police more transparent and officers’ actions more accountable."

Devon and Cornwall Police were the first force to trial the technology in 2005.

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