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New speaker found for COSMOS gala dinner

The team behind the Community Observatory on St Martins have said they are delighted to have found a new speaker for their upcoming fundraising gala dinner.

The astronomy group have been working hard to find a special guest for the event after original choice Damian Peach was forced to pull out for personal reasons.

COSMOS Secretary Charlie Payne said: "At this stage - with less than a month until the gala dinner - it’s been a bit hair-raising. The event’s a really significant bit of fundraising for us, as it will enable us to finish the Observatory ready for it to open to the public.

"We had lots of irons in the fire and have had amazing support including from BBC staff and other local astronomy societies, all readily offering up their connections.

"We’re delighted to announce that our new guest speaker is Ian Morison, who is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, he’s worked at Jodrell Bank for many years and is a regular contributor to the Sky at Night magazine. More importantly he is a fantastic speaker.

"He’s visited us before and his talks are brilliant. He’s a very entertaining speaker and can make big - or should I say, astronomical - concepts very accessible. Ian’s also a regular Scilly visitor and has known us from the start. There’s no better than adversity!

"Seriously though, it has shown us how much enthusiasm there is for the project and reminded us that there are lots of people keen to help make it a reality. We’d love to see you all at the dinner."

The event takes place at Karma St Martins on October 6th, starting at 7pm. Ryan Sloane is running a boat from St Mary’s at 6pm.

For more information about the gala dinner, check out the COSMOS website at or contact them via social media or at

Meanwhile, the construction of the Observatory is going well. The Pulsar domes have arrived on St Martins and the warm room is under construction.


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