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Water usage in last fortnight 'lowest so far'

Water usage on St Mary's fell in the first two weeks of September.

The new statistics released by the Council show that usage was back down over the last two weeks after rising in the second half of August.

The figures for week ending September 14th were the lowest since the Authority first alerted residents to the water shortage in mid-July.

Cllr Steve Sims, Lead Member for Place, said: "The figures have stated to go down again, which is obviously a good thing but it's quite difficult to disaggregate whether that's from savings or the expected fall because there's less people here.

"I know I'm beginning to sound a bit like a stuck record but we are still using more water than we are receiving in rain so there is still the issue that water levels remain critical.

"We all have to keep our feet to the pedal and I know this is getting terribly boring now and it really is stale news but it's the same story again - until we get a lot of rain this issue remains. And even when we've got a lot of rain we still need to think about next year and the year after and continue to save water when and where we can."

New water savings devices are available for free from the Customer Hubs at the Library and Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre.


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