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Pharmacy advises on threadworms, mailout

The Isles of Scilly has been hit by threadworms as part of a nationwide outbreak.

The Pharmacy on St Mary's has issued advice on how to deal with the tiny parasite, which infects the large intestine of humans. It is particularly common in children under the age of 10.

Staff posted on social media: "There is a nationwide and ongoing outbreak of threadworms, that have decided that our fair isles are a pleasant place to spend some time!

"Threadworms are spread by close contact, and hand to mouth actions (nail biters are particularly at risk!).

"Strict hygiene measures (nail brush and hand washing), boil washing all bedding daily for 14 days and changing nightclothes daily can all help get rid of these pests. Symptoms are mainly itch, made worse at night when the body temperature rises causing the worms to start to wriggle!

"The eggs embed under the nails, and this allows re-infestation next time people eat. Take additional measures to ensure all debris trapped underneath nails is removed."

The Pharmacy stocks the treatments for threadworm, but advises that "you should only treat if you have a live infestation in the household. If there is a member of your household affected, the whole family should be treated."

Those on other medication or with an affected child under the age of 2 are advised to see the pharmacist.

Pharmacy staff also clarified that online company Pharmacy2u, which has recently mailed residents on the Isles of Scilly inviting them to register, is not associated with the islands' health centre.

"We have been made aware that many of our patients have received mailings from Pharmacy2u asking them to register. We would like to make everyone aware that this company is in no way associated with us, and that by registering, you would be receiving your prescriptions from elsewhere.

"We continue to strive to provide a high level of service, and if you ever feel that we do not meet your needs we would encourage you to contact us in the first instance, so we can continue to develop our business."

The Isles of Scilly Pharmacy is currently taking part in Public Health England’s latest campaign, which encourages people to learn about heart health by completing a Heart Age Test.

The test can be done at…/nhs-health-…/check-your-heart-age-tool/ .

Find out more about what the pharmacy is doing at its Facebook page

Lead photo does not represent actual threadworm.


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