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Water usage up in second half of August

Water usage on St Mary's rose slightly in the last two weeks of August.

New figures released by the Council show that usage has risen over the last two weeks after falling the previous fortnight.

However Cllr Steve Sims, Lead Member for Place, said that the rise is "not a great deal and consumption is still substantially less than the peak on July 13th and less than last year at this point".

He added: "It would be nice to see the figures dropping week on week but that's unrealistic as time marches on.

"Clearly locals and visitors have made an enormous effort and continue to do so. Cooler weather and a little rain may have made some of us a little more complacent but the bottom line is while we continue to draw more water from the aquifer than goes in then levels will remain critical.

"To reiterate the point I made previously we need to keep our foot on the pedal all year not just when it's hot and dry. Inevitably sometimes we will be drawing more than is going in, but over the course of any year we need to use less than the resupply. The resilience of the desalination plant has now been improved and we've had the wake-up call but we can't to go back to sleep no matter how wet and miserable the winter is."

Cllr Sims previously said islanders should aim to save water all year.

The Council said of the new figures: "Despite the break in the heat wave and some small amounts of rain, our ground water supplies remain at critical levels so please continue to be vigilant with your water usage."

The Authority first alerted residents to the water shortage on St Mary's and Bryher in mid-July.

New water savings devices are available for free from the Customer Hubs at the Library and Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre.


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