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School IEB reassures over conversion, off-islands

The chair of the Five Islands School IEB has reassured parents that there are no new or worrying issues holding up the Academisation process.

This is Scilly News reported last week that the school is unlikely to convert to an Academy in 2018.

Interim Executive Board chair Jackie Eason said in a letter to parents yesterday (September 4th): "As I wrote in the July update, we will continue to work through the autumn term to address any outstanding legal issues related to the transfer. Over the summer the LA have produced a detailed timeline of decisions to be made, and the most likely completion date is now looking like April 1st 2019.

"In my previous update I’d said that I would prefer not to speculate on dates, as they are not in my power to enforce……but I feel that having read the headline about ‘no conversion in 2018’, it feels a little less dramatic to share what looks to be the most likely date.

"Please do be reassured that none of these issues are new, worrying or likely to have any impact on the support provided by the MAT and the partnership that is flourishing."

Jackie also congratulated students, staff and parents following the record-breaking GCSE results and referred to the recent open letters between the IEB and parents on St Martin's about the future of the off-island bases.

She wrote: "Please can I reassure you that the IEB, the MAT and the LA are all working closely together to ensure that concerns from parents are listened to and we’ll do our best to address them as soon as we can.

"One of the concerns is that the MAT may ‘sell off’ an island base if it had to close. As you may have read in the letter of reply to St Martin’s, the MAT have no plans to close any island bases, and even if that were to happen in the future it would not be legal to just sell off any property, this is set out in the Funding Agreement and the Academies Financial Handbook. We will be working with all parties and will hopefully be able to agree some wording that calms any concerns that people have surrounding this."


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