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Wildlife Trust post results in mainland balloon ban

A Church in Hertfordshire will no longer use balloons after discovering that one it released washed up in the Isles of Scilly.

Charlotte Cumming saw the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust's #BalloonsBlow infographic (below), detailing balloons that have washed ashore on Scilly from the mainland and beyond.

After spotting that one of the balloons came from Bethany Community Church in her hometown of Harpenden - 290 miles from Scilly - Charlotte contacted the Church on Twitter and told them what had happened.

She received a Tweet in reply today saying that the Church had decided to stop using balloons after receiving the news.

Neil said in a second tweet that the Church handed out balloons to children at its Christmas Carnival "thinking it was a great idea", adding: "However, we had no idea that this could and did negatively impact the wider environment. Thanks for making it known to us. You're making a difference!"

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust posted on Facebook: "Wow! The power of social media and the many hundreds of connections we make on a daily basis. Sometimes we wonder if we are just putting information out there and if it's disappearing into a black hole...? But this, this proves it's not and that we can make a difference.

"We may have to produce an updated Infographic that shows which organisations have pledged to stop using balloons as a result of our awareness raising. Thank you and keep spreading the message about #PointlessPlastic!"

Members are to discuss banning the release of balloons, sky lanterns and non-biodegradable streamers on Council land at next week's Full Council meeting.


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