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Billionaire's superyacht anchored in Roads

A superyacht belonging to an American billionaire has been anchored in the Roads today.

by Ian Williams

Archimedes, which is worth more than £78 million, was previously seen off Falmouth and Penzance.

It belongs to 80-year-old James Harris Simons, a mathematician, billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Long Island in New York state.

James is also known for his studies on pattern recognition and contributed to the development of string theory by providing a theoretical framework to combine geometry and topology with quantum field theory, according to Wikipedia. He was named by the Financial Times in 2006 as "the world's smartest billionaire".

He is worth an estimated £16 billion as of February 2018. He has said that he plans to give the majority of his wealth to philanthropic causes.

Photos of Archimedes via

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