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Karma St Martin's applies for six glamping tents

Karma St Martin's hotel has applied for planning permission to erect six glamping tents on its grounds.

The tents, which would be coloured 'Brunswick Green' to fit in with the environment, would be in place "on a seasonal basis, in order to broaden the hotel’s accommodation offer".

They would be positioned in curved row along the lower, western portion of the site, as shown in the picture above.

The plans show that each tent would be mounted on a bespoke timber platform and measure approximately 24m² in footprint and no more than 3m in height. The presence of the platforms means there would be "no additional requirement for services – above or below ground – to be laid, as these are incorporated with the deck platform. This means the works are entirely reversible, as would be anticipated to take place over the winter months."

The hotel currently has 27 letting rooms and three suites, as well as an on-site restaurant and hotel bar.

A decision on the application is expected to be reached at the September 11th Full Council meeting.

St Martin's Councillor Jonathan Smith has asked that Members undertake a site visit, saying the application is "lacking in detail and raises a number of potential concerns" including sewerage, impact on the environment and residential amenity, landscape and noise. He added in his request: "Furthermore the site is certainly ‘pushing boundaries’ of development areas."


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