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Wildlife Trust warns against uninhabited isle barbecues

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has implored people to stop holding barbecues on the uninhabited islands and leaving rubbish behind.

Pest House by Baggy Robinson

Barbecues have been reported in a couple of the cottages on Samson and one of the Bronze Age Cists on Samson's North Hill, as well as in and around the Pest House and in the Chapel on St Helen's.

The Wildlife Trust posted on social media: "Ordinarily this wouldn't be too much of a concern as long as individuals are adhering to the guidance in terms of disturbance and removing their rubbish when they leave. Sadly they are not. How do we know this? Not only because the BBQs and rubbish were left behind but also because semi-permanent structures have been built using stones.

"Firstly, this is unacceptable. If you carry it in, you carry it out. It's less heavy, there's less of it and you've probably now got even more space; so do a bit of a beach clean and take a bit more away with you than you came with! Who do you think is going to clean up after you if you leave it behind?

"Secondly, despite us now having a bit of rain, everywhere is still incredibly dry and by leaving BBQs in areas such as this it is a huge fire hazard (especially in areas like the Cist on the North Hill of Samson which is surrounded by Heather).

"If our fire crews have to attend one of these islands it will be costly and will also have an impact on a number of areas of island life (not to mention our wildlife). All of our fire crews are retained and will have to leave their day jobs in order to deal with something entirely preventable."

The post also pointed to the fact that the islands are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty "and by moving stones around, building structures and making fires within our ancient monuments you are actually breaking the law".

It concluded: "Please, please, please, just think about what you are doing. Think about the impact your actions can and will have on others as well as the damage you are causing to our Scheduled Ancient Monuments & Landscapes; Scilly's history..."

Anyone witnessing this type of behaviour is urged to say something to the individuals involved or report it to the Wildlife Trust or police.


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