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Penzance Heliport recommended for approval

The amended planning application for a heliport in Penzance has been recommended for approval by Cornwall Council.

The 68-page report for the August 2nd meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee includes the recommendation that "delegated authority is given to grant conditional planning permission".

The report concludes: "The proposed helicopter service is seen as an important link that will have significant benefits for local businesses and visitors. There is significant public support for the new service. The proposed Land’s End helicopter service will not result in the same level of social and economic benefit as that associated with the Penzance service and as such, the Penzance service will not duplicate it. If anything, it is considered the Land’s End service is more likely to duplicate existing fixed wing services from the same airport. "The Development Plan and national policy seeks to support sustainable development. The NPPF and Cornwall Local Plan are both supportive of the proposal as it will offer a strategic air link that will provide employment and support economic growth in a sustainable location. Overall it is considered that there are very clear and substantial benefits arising from the scheme that are not outweighed by its adverse impacts. Therefore planning permission should be granted, subject to the imposition of appropriate planning conditions."

The recommendation for approval is subject to 37 conditions, including that there are no flights before 11am and after 4pm on Sundays or before 7.30am and after 7pm between Monday and Saturday. No construction work shall be carried out before 8am and after 6pm Mondays to Fridays, after 1pm on Saturdays and at all on Sundays and Public Holidays.

There are also various environmental and infrastructural considerations.

Read the full report on Cornwall Council's website.

The application will be decided at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee on August 2nd at 10am. Several members of the committee attended a Public Meeting in Penzance last night to hear the views of local people.


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