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Scilly heliport petition comes out 97% in favour

UPDATE: The figures have been updated since this article. There are now 535 in support of the heliport, 7 against and 9 abstaining.

The new petition canvassing Isles of Scilly residents' opinions about the proposed heliport in Penzance has demonstrated overwhelming support.

Out of the 494 opinions canvassed in total, 479 (97%) were in favour of the plans for a heliport in Penzance, seven (1.4%) supported the Steamship Group's objections and eight (1.6%) abstained.

Last week, Kathy and David Stedeford attempted to find out the views of as many people on the electoral roll as possible in order to ascertain the level of support on Scilly for the controversial plans.

The couple, from Bryher, visited all five islands with a petition consisting of three forms - one in support of the opposition by Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, one in support of Penzance Heliport Ltd and one to abstain.

Despite the short amount of notice, they managed to get signatures from nearly a third of the electorate of the Isles of Scilly, giving a clear idea of local feeling.

However, Kathy emphasised that the vote was not necessarily anti-Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, saying: "There is tremendous support for the Steamship Group out there, just not on this particular issue."

She now plans to send the signed forms to Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee to represent the opinions of islands' residents.

Kathy and David decided to conduct the independent petition to ensure that islanders were consulted after becoming "incensed with some of the misinformation and the skewing of figures" relating to levels of support for the heliport.

The meeting of Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee to decide the heliport application is scheduled to take place on August 2nd at 10am. It will be preceded by a public meeting at St Johns Hall, Penzance tomorrow (July 233rd) at 6pm.

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