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Scillonian couple seek islanders' views on heliport

Two Scilly residents are urging fellow islanders to make their feelings clear about the proposed new heliport in Penzance.

Kathy and David Stedeford hope to be able to canvass the opinions of as many of the 1,691 people on the electoral roll as possible in order to demonstrate the level of support on Scilly for the controversial plans.

The couple, from Bryher, are visiting all five islands this week with a petition consisting of three forms - one in support of the opposition by Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, one in support of Penzance Heliport Ltd and one to abstain.

Kathy and David covered St Martins and St Mary's earlier this week, and will be on St Agnes and Tresco today (Friday) to give residents there a chance to sign the petition.

Kathy told This is Scilly on St Mary's yesterday: "Over the weekend I'm going to work out the number of people who have taken part from Scilly and I'll get that out in the public domain. I'll photocopy the actual signed papers and send them to Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee.

"David and I are totally independent, we've done this because we just feel incensed about some of the misinformation and the skewing of figures and percentages. It's all just been so damaging for Scilly.

"The feedback from people talking to me so far is that they just haven't been given a voice at all. Regarding the the two personalities concerned - Tresco and the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group (ISSG) - people feel that they are both out of touch with what's being said on the ground and that islanders haven't been consulted. We're out here to give people a voice."

She said of the views expressed by residents so far: "The support for the heliport has been unbelievable... A lot of people have actually been saying that they support the Steamship Group on a lot of things but not on this particular issue, so it's not that people are terribly anti everything the Steamship Company are doing. There's a lot of loyalty there, which I think is good because I think we need both companies.

"We've kept it very focused on the helicopter issue but obviously a lot of people have been wanting to talk about other things to do with the ISSG. I think the ISSG have got to look at these figures and see where they've perhaps got something wrong. It's always easy to run someone else's business for them, and we're trying desperately not to do that but I just hope they take on board the results of this."

Kathy and David will be on St Agnes quay between 10.30am and 12.30pm, then in Smith Square on Tresco between 5pm and 6pm.

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