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NHS staff gather for anniversary photo

Scilly NHS staff past and present gathered in the hospital garden today for a photo to celebrate the organisation's 70th birthday.

Around 60 people turned up for the commemorative photo, taken by Chris Hall, despite it only being arranged a short time before.

Local GP Dr Jenny Davis had the idea late on Tuesday, writing on Facebook at 11pm: "The NHS is 70 years old on Thursday. I’ve had an idea.....To mark the occasion on Scilly, would any (all?!) of the lovely NHS staff working here (past and present) like to get together for a giant photo?"

She told This is Scilly: "I didn’t think there was anything happening on Scilly to celebrate the NHS being 70 and I thought it would be lovely to mark the occasion. People are really appreciative of NHS services and there are so many people who have worked in the NHS over the years, I thought it would be lovely to get everyone together and just record it for posterity.

"The idea popped into my head before I went to bed so I put a message on Facebook and loads of people turned up, which is brilliant."

Dr Davis, who arrived on the islands in April, added: "The idea is that we'll get a nice big print of the photo so we can put it somewhere where everyone can admire it for future generations. There will also be a digital copy that other people can get prints from."

The photo can now be viewed on photographer Chris Hall's Facebook page at .


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