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Steamship Group explains changes to T&Cs

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group (ISSG) has explained recent changes to its Terms & Conditions.

The company changed its T&Cs for bookings earlier this year, implementing a 48-hour notice period for cancellations from the start of April 2018. The notice period was previously 24 hours.

Responding to criticism of the new policy from some islanders, the ISSG said: "This was primarily in response to an increasing number of last-minute changes or cancellations being made to bookings, and a 48-hour notice period enables more of these tickets to be freed up in time to be booked by other customers who are wanting to travel."

The ISSG also now recommends customers obtain insurance for any high value items prior to transportation, although adds that this is "not a requirement and the Group does not refuse to carry uninsured items".

It said: "The Steamship Group delivers thousands of items of freight safely but accidents do occasionally happen given the nature of the operation. The Steamship Group pays out up to a maximum of £1,000 if an item is damaged and ISSG was responsible for the damage.

"ISSG therefore advises people to insure any freight items exceeding this value in case of accidental damage occurring, and recommends insurance firms for people to contact to organise this when booking freight delivery."

All the ISSG terms and conditions are online at


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