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Walk Scilly 'worth £218,000 to islands'

The total economic value of Walk Scilly was more than £218,000, with more than £50,000 directly attributable to the festival.

An evaluation of the event was carried out using feedback forms filled out by 21% of participants, alongside statistics from the 2016 Economic Impact of Tourism study.

This year's Walk Scilly, which took place between April 4th and 14th, was the biggest ever, with 40 walks across nine islands.

A total of 315 walkers (including some children) took part, compared with 200 last year, and 725 tickets were sold (compared with 641 last year). 297 of the 315 were visitors.

"Despite the cold and windy weather playing its part during this year's programme, which led to a couple of walks having to be cancelled, we believe the increase in sales and walkers was in part due to the extended programme which enabled visitors across two weeks of bookings to take part," said Carolyn Garman of the Islands' Partnership.

"The walking festival also fell within the Easter holidays, enabling us to create a very versatile and varied programme."

The feedback showed that the average length of stay was 6.7 nights, the average party size was 2.8, and the total bed nights occupied was 1,990.

Based on average spend per staying visitor (2016 Economic Impact of Tourism study), the total value of Walk Scilly was found to be £218,290, with the value to the islands directly because of Walk Scilly at £50,207.

Read the Walk Scilly 2018 Evaluation Report in full here.


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