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Tributes pour in for Lady Mary Wilson

Islanders have been paying tribute to Lady Mary Wilson, who has died at the age of 102.

Lady Wilson, widow of former prime minister Harold Wilson, owned a bungalow on St Mary's and was a regular visitor to Scilly both with her husband and alone. A memorial service is planned on the islands.

Museum curator and former Council chair Amanda Martin, who was a personal friend, said: "Mary Wilson was a kind, witty, talented and thoughtful person. From her first visit onwards, she was enthralled by the islands and her bungalow on St. Mary’s was her prized retreat from the pressures of life in London.

"A great supporter of the Isles of Scilly Museum and the local branch of the RNLI, she was an unwavering friend to Scilly and always interested in local happenings."

The Council of the Isles of Scilly said in statement: "We are saddened to hear of the death of poet and friend of the Isles of Scilly, Mary Wilson. Lady Wilson and former Prime Minister Harold Wilson shared our love for the islands, visiting regularly at their home in Hugh Town. Our condolences to her family and many friends."

Meanwhile, posters on Facebook have shared their own memories of meeting Lady Wilson on the islands. Lindsay Sandford wrote: "Lovely lady, one of the nicest neighbours i've ever had. Will never forget her giving my boys her 'tips' on watching the eclipse....we had to use a washing up bowl!"

Jo Tiara posted: "I met her once on my 1st holiday in the islands. I was only 7 years of age & I tripped over in the street outside Mumford's, she was just coming out of the shop & she picked me up!"

Rose Lankston wrote: "I've never met the lady but I have her voice on one my Isles of Scilly DVDs. Her love for the Islands shone through in her affectionate voice....I'll never forget and 100% agree with her statement about the Islands, she said YOU CAN HEAR THE SILENCE.. R.I.P. Lady Mary Wilson."

Photo of Lady Mary Wilson greeting John Betjeman on Scilly in 1981. Via The Oxford Times.

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