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More than a dozen local teams to tackle ÖTILLÖ

More than a dozen teams from the Isles of Scilly will take part in this weekend's ÖTILLÖ Swimrun events.

Photo of Ruth Nicholls and Steven Gibson by Ed Marshall

Local pairs competing in the World Championships Qualifying race on Sunday (June 10th) include Selena Baxter and Alison Stedeford, Ruth Nicholls and Steven Gibson, Dave Hooper and Mark Worledge, Wez Swain and Rob Carrier, and Anna McCann and Amanda French.

They will join 136 other teams in the endurance event, swimming a total of 8km and running 29.5km. Team members must remain within 10 metres of each other at all times.

Several other local pairs will take part in the shorter Sprint race on Saturday (June 9th). Among those registered are Victoria Hitchens and Karen Wright, Kirsty Graham and Anna Jenkins, Stu Barrs and Liz Tucker, Gareth Tibbs and Georgia May, Julian Pearce and Abi Wrigley, Dave Mumford and Rosie Felton, Emma Lainchbury and Adam O'Neill, Amelia Mills and James Stedeford, Bryony Lishman and Ludovica Bruno, Susie Taylor and Erica Swain, Geri Bright and Emily Miles, and Nick Lishman and Kate Queally

Asked how she was feeling, Ruth Nicholls told This is Scilly last week: "Very tired is putting it politely. We have been training quite hard for the past three months but this year the sea has been much colder than last year, so longer swims have been rather uncomfortable. Personally I'm still recovering from running across Hadrian's Wall with Anna [McCann] four weeks ago, so it's been extra hard going.

"But it's also exciting and we chat to the other teams about training, nerves, nutrition on the Big Day etc."

She added: "I think we are all concerned about the weather as it was so perfect last year and this year it could be different, which will change the way in which we approach the race.

"But it's such an amazing event, run so well by the two Ms [organisers Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott] and their professional team, I'm sure we will all enjoy it once we the start gun goes off!"

Sunday's weather forecast has improved over the last few days. It is currently predicted to be 'breezy' with sunny intervals and temperatures around 18°C/64°F.

Some 200 children, both locals and visitors, took part in this afternoon's inaugural J:ÖTILLÖ, a junior version of the race.


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