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Island Helicopters suspension still in place

Island Helicopters will continue to operate on a charter basis tomorrow (Tuesday May 22nd) as the Council's suspension is still in operation.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group went ahead with the launch of its news service this morning, despite the Council suspending it on Friday in order to ensure compliance with habitat regulations.

Steamship Group chairman Andrew May told This is Scilly this morning that the company "anticipated and very much hoped" that the Council's Stop Notice would be lifted my noon today and that scheduled flights would continue tomorrow as planned.

However, the Council said there has been no change since Friday's suspension.

The Steamship Group said this afternoon: "The Stop Notice hasn't been lifted. Helicopter flights will be operating tomorrow on a chartered basis again, and with a reduced service -as happened today."

Meanwhile, passengers on today's first flight were generally impressed with the new helicopter.

Martin Freeman from the Western Morning News said it was "lovely and smooth".

"I remember coming across on the old helicopter service from Penzance and this just seemed smoother, quicker, easier. I guess it's a new generation of aircraft. It was noisy but all helicopter trips I've been on have been noisy. You're given earphones so it soon cancels out. It's only a matter of minutes, anyway. It's definitely a thumbs up from me, highly recommended."

Day-trippers Jonathan Fuller and Stewart Creasey, from York, said they were "delighted" with the flight, calling it a "great experience". However, another passenger, who is here visiting family, was less enthusiastic.

"It's okay. It's very noisy and it does vibrate a lot but it's okay," she said.

On how the new helicopter compares with the old BIH service, she added: "It's a bit smaller but very similar. I wouldn't use it as a preference to the Skybus but I'd use if again if necessary. I think Skybus is a little bit nicer. There's not a lot of difference, to be honest."


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