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Time running out to see Orchard blossoms

Time is running out to see the blossoms on display in the Community Orchard at Trenoweth.

The orchard, overseen by volunteers from Transition Scilly, has been in operation since 2010.

Jonathan Smith told This is Scilly: "The Orchard has a range of varieties that flower over about a three-week period, and now we're just moving in to the later flowering varieties. Interestingly this doesn't always correspond with the time of year that the fruit ripens. For instance Scilly Pearl is a late flowering variety but one of the earliest to ripen.

"This season is certainly late, perhaps by as much as two weeks, due to the cold early spring. Even the air temperature on Thursday [when I took these photos] wasn't great, but in the shelter it felt quite warm. The insects seemed to think so too - the Orchard was alive with invertebrates."

The Orchard is located on the north side of St Mary’s, just above the coast near Innisidgen.

As with any community orchard, it is managed by volunteers from the community and overseen by a not-for-profit organisation. Volunteers benefit from being part of a social group, having a place to do practical work and contribute to society, in the process "creating a beautiful place for people to enjoy, and sharing in the harvest of fruit".

Jonathan previously told Scilly Now & Then magazine that the orchard has "much more potential to grow and develop".

He said: "We are fortunate to have just been awarded £600 from the Council’s Community Fund to help buy some equipment and do some outreach work. What we need now is more people to come and join us, help manage the Orchard, enjoy the company and the fruits of our labour.

"The Orchard is open to anyone at any time to enjoy... But just remember, if you’d like some fruit then you have to put in a little work in to earn it! If you’re interested in coming along please get in touch through the Transition Scilly Facebook page, or email me We’re open to everyone and welcome new members."

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