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St Mary's community bus back on the road

The community bus on St Mary's is back in service after a two-day break.

The bus, which circles the island seven times a day, broke down at Telegraph on Wednesday.

Driver Steve Sims told This is Scilly News: "I stopped the bus at the garages at the top of Telegraph to gently suggest to a buggy driver that it was not the ideal spot to park. I then carried on, or rather tried to, but the bus stalled and wouldn't start.

"I moved it to a more appropriate place using the starter motor and told the passengers that the bus wasn't going anywhere soon and offered them their money back. Two days later it turned out to be a faulty air valve that shuts off the engine, which wasn't allowing fuel through.

"NIKE engineering did a sterling job repairing the bus. Fingers crossed it should be business as usual for the rest of the season."

Steve added that the bus will be out of service on Monday (May 21st) due to a medical appointment, saying: "I have to go to Treliske as my right leg needs an MOT."

The community bus timetable can be viewed here.

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