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Council staff spend day painting Mundesley House

A team from Scilly's Council spent a day painting Mundesley House last month as part of a community volunteer exercise.

Nicola Stinson, Senior Manager for Strategic Development, had been planning a team-building event for her new department and Five Island School's boarding house provided the ideal opportunity.

The six-person Council team spent April 20th painting feature walls in each of the dormitories, as well as an exterior wall.

Mundesley House houses off-island students during the week, allowing them to go to school despite poor weather, as well as attend important extra-curricular activities.

Houseparents Wez and Erica Swain were delighted that the team offered to help. Erica said: “The boarding house is great but it hasn’t changed much since the parents of our existing students went to school here! We have a limited budget but felt that little changes such as adding a bit of colour could help make the place feel a bit more homely and it was fantastic that the Council team could volunteer some time to help."

Wez added: “The students were really excited about the new colour in their rooms although they didn’t initially understand the concept of a ‘feature wall’ and wondered when the other three walls would get painted!”

Nicola Stinson expained that rather than paying consultants for a team-building exercise, she thought it would be good to give something back to the community.

"It went well, we got something out of it as a team and it was nice to do something for the students," she said.

The parents of pupils at the boarding house are also keen to help out and are planning to improve the garden during the summer term. If any local gardeners wish to work in the Mundesley garden, they are welcome to speak to the houseparents.


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