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57 on Council's Housing Waiting List

There are currently 57 households on the Isles of Scilly Council's housing list, although real housing need is likely to be more.

Statistics for 2017/18 are set out in the End of Year Housing Statement ahead of May 8th's Annual Council meeting.

The Council has two housing registers - the Transfer Register for existing tenants wishing to move and the Housing Waiting List for those accepted as eligible for social housing who are waiting to be offered a suitable property.

The report, by Housing and Tenant Liaison Officer Sophie Hughes, reads: "The number of households on the Housing Waiting List at 1 April 2018 was 57. The number on the waiting list has reduced over recent years. However, the evidence base for the Local Plan has identified a pent up and hidden housing need. This is an indication that not all those in housing need are on the housing register."

Of the 57 on the waiting List, 22 are seeking a bedsit, 17 a one-bedroom property, 12 a two-bedroom property and 6 a three-bedroom property.

The average length of time on the list is 37 months (approximately 3 years) for a bedsit; 50 months (4.2 years) for one-bed; 42 months (3.5 years) for two-bed; and 68 months (5.7 years) for three-bed.

There are currently 18 people on the Housing Transfer Register. In 2017/2018 the average length of time on the list was 24 months (2 years) for bedsit and one-bedroom properties (6 waiting); 14 months for two-bedroom properties (5); and 52 months (4.3 years) for three-bedroom properties (7).

Four households were housed from the waiting list last year, while 11 properties were transferred.

The Council owns 107 Social Properties, receiving a letting income of £399,479 last year.

The report also reveals that there were three requests for Right to Buy in 2017/18, with one property sold.


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