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Islander publishes new book about dogs

A St Martin's resident has published his second book.

Toby Tobin-Dougan, co-author of The Island Ingredient, has turned his attention to the lives of his Hungarian Vizsla dogs.

He told This is Scilly: "The book, Jazz, Collibadaw Acorn, is essentially the story of my three generations of Hungarian Vizslas over a period of 25 years. 'Three dogs are wild about Scilly'.

"It contains breeding, gun dog training, some local history, a picture of the landscape and inevitably some little sadness."

The dogs featured in his first book but the inspiration to focus on them this time around came from reading H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald, which he describes as a "stunning book".

"It begins with the sudden loss of her father," Toby said. "To steady her grief she bought and began training her Goshawk. It was after just a few chapters into this book that I realised the incredible parallel the story had with my purchase and training of my first dog Jazz, the pitfalls, the humour, the worries and the joy of breeding from her and subsequently her daughter Galty, and retaining Shima. And then there were three!"

He explained that Collibadaw Acorn is Jazz's pedigree name, adding that she comes from "the most award-winning line of Vizslas in this country ever".

Toby is currently writing a third book, this time focusing on his new Vizsla Hugo. "It is his journey from Manchester and his spiritual journey, discoveries and observations of Scilly. It is quite abstract, descriptive and surreal."

Jazz, Collibadaw Acorn costs £8.50 and is available at outlets on Scilly. Contact Toby at to purchase a copy.


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