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Health Centre jumpers 'an inspiration to watch'

Staff from St Mary's Health Centre jumped from a plane at 10,000ft last weekend.

The team have so far raised £3,072.21 for Cornwall Air Ambulance and the Isles of Scilly Medical Launch through various events over the last few months.

Dr John Garman, Dr Sarah Boulter, Fran and Dale Clark, Alison Hessing, Michelle Moorton, Paul Whomersley and Helston Medical Centre receptionist Emma Williams completed the tandem skydive at Perranporth Airfield. Meanwhile, Carol Young was on hand to dispense champagne and Nigel Young was the official cameraman for the day.

Fran told This is Scilly of the experience: "I’ve never done a jump before as I hate heights! I’m the sort of person was gets paralysed on a tall building so I said no at least 20 times before Dale talked me into it. He’s done it once before and loved it so with the hope of raising some money I signed my name.

"I was nervous but the instructors were so calming and funny and of course had full control of the fall out of the plane. The speed and views were just phenomenal. We could see from Plymouth to Scilly at the same time!

"It was an incredible experience and I wish I hadn’t been nervous. As soon as we landed I wanted to go up again! When the canopy was opened at 5,000ft it was so quiet and beautiful after the adrenaline rush from the first 5,000ft freefall."

She added: "I’m thrilled to have been a part of it and I’m so grateful for everyone’s help, donations and support."

Michelle Moorton said she was very nervous on the day but "honestly my nerves went as soon as I got on the plane and I enjoyed every second!

"For me the free fall was the best bit and I definitely want to do it again but higher next time so I get to free fall for longer!"

Dr Garman had never jumped before and was a little nervous but found the experience "absolutely amazing" and "would do it again in a flash".

Carol Young posted on Facebook: "The Health Centre Parachute Team were an inspiration to watch last weekend. They all jumped and landed safely despite the nerves. Medical exemption meant I was the bubbly provider but feel really proud to have been involved in the day and the fundraising events."

She added: "Our close knit team at the health centre have ALL worked hard helping with a jumble sale, quiz night, book stall and bake sales over the last few months."

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