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Man airlifted after possible collision

A seasonal worker was airlifted to Treliske in the early hours of this morning after a possible collision on St Mary's.

Sgt Hopkins, who is on the islands on a temporary basis, told This is Scilly that police received a report from a male at around 1am saying he believed he had been hit by something.

He thought it may be a bike or car but was unable to say for sure.

An ambulance arrived at the scene to find the man lying in the road on Old Town hill. He was complaining of back pain and was subsequently airlifted to Treliske hospital in Truro.

The road was closed between 1am and around 8.30am as a matter of routine until the extent of his injuries was known. After undergoing scans at Treliske, the injuries were found to be minor and not life-changing.

Police are not looking for any person or vehicle in connection with the incident as there are currently no details or evidence available.

Sgt Hopkins, who usually works in Camborne, said that there was no debris in the road and the worker's injuries were not necessarily consistent with a collision.

He added that if the man's injuries were more serious, the road would have remained closed and investigators flown in.


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