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St Mary's shop to trial ice-cream for dogs

A St Mary's business owner is trialling a new ice cream for dogs.

Michelle Mapplethorpe, who owns the Handmade Fudge Shop on The Strand, is selling Scoop's, a "specially made doggy ice-cream".

Scoop's, from Marshfield Farm Ices in Bath, is billed as a "complementary food, designed as a special treat for dogs".

Michelle said: "Marshield's owners have a dog called Scoop so they decided to make ice cream for her. I'm trialling it so we'll see how it goes!"

Marshfield says of the treat: "Scoop is our family farm dog and she is always at our side so we thought she deserved a treat too. Scoop and her friends have been testing recipes and can’t wait to share the finished ice cream.

"We have specially made this doggy ice cream with our own fresh farm milk and added a lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose for those with sensitive tummies. We have also reduced the fat and sugar content, then added vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 oils, so that Scoop and all her friends can enjoy a lick."


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