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Gig Club running weather sweepstake

St Agnes Gig Club is running a weather sweepstake ahead of Gig Weekend next month.

The money raised will go towards the upkeep of the Shah gig, which is now 145 years old.

The Club posted on its website: "During the week leading up to the World Pilot Gig Championships a lot of us will have a close eye on the weather. Some might be hoping for a bit of wind to make it choppy but I expect most of us will be hoping for flat calm seas.

"To make the wait a little bit more exciting we have decided to run a sweepstake of the weather (wind strength and direction)."

Harry Legg, who had the idea for the sweepstake, told This is Scilly: "All profit will go to the maintenance of the Shah, she is 145 years old this year and in a few years she may well need another refit.

"We're always looking to fund raise to pay for the upkeep of such an important part of the island's history so she can continued to be raced and admired for future generations."

Tickets cost £1 each and will be drawn from a "virtual hat" on Monday April 23rd at 3pm. "People can then watch the forecast unfold over the following two weeks" until the winner(s) are determined on May 5th.

Tickets must be bought via the PayPal button on the Club's website and will then be assigned randomly and emailed to participants on April 23rd.

Each ticket will have a wind strength from 1mph to 65mph and a direction. The winning tickets (£20) will be those that match the average wind strength at midday on Saturday May 5th at St Mary's airport, as reported by Winderfinder. The top prize of £40 will go to the ticket matching both the wind strength and direction.

The World Pilot Gig Championships 2018 take place from Friday May 4th to Sunday May 6th.


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