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Local Plan sessions saw 'lively debate'

A total of 119 Scilly residents attended the Council's recent consultations on the Draft Local Plan.

The planning team hosted drop-in sessions on all five islands over a period of six days.

The 135-page Draft Local Plan "provides a vision" and contains various objectives setting out what the Council wants to achieve up to 2030, including a proposal for 105 new affordable homes.

Lead Member for Planning Dan Marcus wrote in a report for April 19th's Full Council meeting: "We had 119 attendees which equates to just over 5% of the population. To put this in context, if Cornwall Council ran a consultation with similar attendance rates, they would have approximately 30,000 attendees."

Old Town saw 19 attendees and Hugh Town had 75 (approximately 5.4% of the St Mary's population), while there were 10 on St Martin's (7.3%), seven on Bryher (8.3%), four on St Agnes (4.7%) and two on Tresco (1.1%).

Cllr Marcus continued: "There was plenty of lively debate with a general acceptance for the need for new homes with a focus on housing the local community. The discussions on St Mary’s were focused largely on the specific housing sites which included concerns around impact on infrastructure, flooding and proximity to the airport.

"The off islands raised issues around build quality on large projects, with a general acceptance that new development should be in response to the needs of these smaller communities with a flexible approach rather than identifying specific sites."

He added: "There were also concerns raised across all islands about funding for future development and how this would be raised to minimise the need for open market homes."

The consultation on the Draft Local Plan closes on Friday May 11th at 5pm.

The Council's Senior Manager for Planning Craig Dryden said last week that he had been "really encouraged" by the turnout for the early consultation sessions.

The Draft Local Plan is available to view here.


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