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First cruise ships expected next week

The Isles of Scilly is expected to welcome its first cruise ships next week.

Weather permitting, the Magellan will visit Tresco and St Mary's on Tuesday, followed on Friday by the Marco Polo.

The two ships will be followed by approximately 63 more throughout the season, with the number of passengers per vessel ranging from 49 to 938.

The first scheduled ship this year was the Astoria, which was forced to divert to Falmouth on March 22nd due to poor weather.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark told Radio Scilly: "We were disappointed not to see the Astoria last week. That was of course weather related and the right decision to cancel that call. It wouldn’t have been safe to transfer the passengers while the vessel was at anchor.

"Next week we’ll see the return of the Magellan on her first call of the year followed at the end of the week by the Marco Polo. So it could be a busy week for cruise vessels and passengers visiting the islands. We’re at the mercy of the weather so we’ll wait and see what happens but at the moment it looks like it should go ahead."

He added that the Scillonian is starting to get busier since her return for the season on March 19th, with just under 100 passengers arriving daily.

The islands were scheduled to welcome 75 ships with up to 25,000 passengers last season, although weather prevented some from visiting.


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