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Council Tax confirmed to go up by 6% next year

Council Tax on the Isles of Scilly will go up by 5.99% from April, a rise of around 11% over the last two years.

Members heard at January 18th’s Full Council meeting that changes in government rules mean the limit that local authorities can raise Council Tax without a referendum is now 2.99% rather than 1.99%.

Chief Finance Officer Andy Brown recommended the maximum permitted Council Tax increase of 5.99% for 2018/19 as part of setting a legally balanced budget. This comprises the 2.99% plus the 3% social care precept.

Next year's budget and Council Tax was formally agreed at yesterday's (February 22nd) Full Council meeting.

Cllr Jonathan Smith commented: “I think we just have to be mindful that... the service that we as a Council deliver to the population will have to improve because they are effectivley paying more for their product, for want of a better phrase."

Cllr Steve Sims said: "I agree it's regrettable, but I don't think we have an option if we are asking Central Government to re-evaluate our finances in various areas. We have to do it or they'll just tell us to go away."


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