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Scilly golfers defy odds with consecutive holes in one

Two golfers scored consecutive holes in one while playing together last week, an achievement with odds of roughly 156 million to one.

Islanders Barry Bennett and Mark Fairest managed the feat in back-to-back shots during a competition at the Isles of Scilly Golf Club on February 15th.

Club Vice-Captain Mike Skaife told This is Scilly: "During the 9-hole competition, a group of three were playing the short 13th hole. Phil Roe’s ball finished four inches from the hole; Barry Bennett and Mark Fairest both then got a hole in one.

"Statistically, it takes 12,500 shots to get a hole in one. My ‘O level maths’ is incapable of working out the odds of two at the same time - perhaps your readers can help?"

Two golfers from Berkshire made national headlines when they achieved consecutive holes in one at a 13th hole in October 2017.

The Isles of Scilly Golf Club has just unveiled a new Golf Club & Bistro website at


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