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Scillonian wins double gold at world rowing event

Islander Helen Pearce won two Gold medals at the World Indoor Rowing Championships yesterday.

Helen triumphed against 19 other competitors in the Masters 2000m and against seven others in the 500m sprint, both in her age group of 30-39.

Helen, who works at the Isles of Scilly Council, travelled to the US last week to compete in the inaugural event, which took place in Alexandria, Virginia across Saturday and Sunday.

The World Rowing Indoor Championships, which combined with Alexandria’s annual Erg Sprints, featured more than 2,500 competitors from 33 countries.

Age group competitions at the event range from 30-39 up to 95-99.

The Championships will change venue each year, with Toronto scheduled for 2019.

Her wife Katie said that Helen would like to compete next year "so any sponsorship would be welcome as this was a £1,500 round trip!"

Last year, Helen set a British record for indoor rowing in the 6000m in her weight and age range.

Islanders Sophie Hooper and Zoë Hitchens also won Gold at the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships last November.


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