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Steamship Group explains freight refusal

The Managing Director of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group has explained why it sometimes turns down freight.

In his report for tomorrow's Scrutiny Committee, Mark Howarth said that the company has "been regularly accused of refusing freight, which is a matter for significant concern".

The report reads: "This is being carefully monitored and analysed and if any freight is actually refused, a refusal form is now issued to the deliverer with the reason why. Nothing is just arbitrarily refused and all refusal forms are available for reference afterwards.

"We have erected a new Freight office at the end of the quay in Penzance adjacent to the road for the purpose of accepting freight in a professional manner. We have identified a number of issues such as suppliers not actually delivering the freight in the first place despite telling customers on the islands that they had (easy to just blame ISSG!) and deliverers just driving past and not delivering at all if they see a queue."

It went on: "Another main reason for not accepting freight is that it has either not been packed or is not fit for purpose for shipping, whilst many shipments are delivered to the quay in a damaged condition, which would possibly be the result of a claim against ISSG, rather than the supplier. Where we can, we take photographic evidence.

"Any customers can now always check with us to confirm if they are told their freight has been refused. We have spent time with suppliers and deliverers to eliminate as much of this problem as we can. We have also worked with the Police to issue a briefing paper for those wishing to transport vehicles, particularly without MOT, to alleviate refusals to ship."


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